Truston 430 CP

Truston trucks offer excellent conditions for work and driving as well as for rest.

Front console

The ergonomic front console provides easy control of vehicle features and an excellent field of vision. Everything can be easier to control with an ergonomic dashboard.

Interior colour – beige

The atmosphere as a concept makes sense when beige defines the entire interior space. And it transforms it: it’s friendly, warm, motivating and offers superior comfort to the driver so fatigue will settle in slower.

Ambient light

The ambient light shapes the entire interior space. Work can be beautiful not just hard.

Multimedia central unit

As standard feature, the central multimedia unit integrates climate control with all audio/video controls. In all weather conditions, the cabin temperature is just right and the comfort is high.

Rest area

The memory foam mattress turns the bed area into a real personal space for the driver. Living comfort is complemented by interior sun blinds.


It’s not about luxury, it’s about pleasant working and driving conditions. In the standard configuration, the Truston cabin is fitted with a hatch.

Driver seat

The Grammer seat with air suspension for the driver has also been retained in the standard configuration of the new Truston cab. Customer orientation has been an objective of the manufacturer since the beginning.

Storage spaces

Personal space, when spent a lot of time in the cabin, plays an essential role in driver well-being. If everything is organised and in place and within easy reach, the driver can easily concentrate on what needs to be done. It has three storage compartments under the bed, shelves in the upper front area and various other storage supports.