ATP TRUCKS Truston 4X2 Euro VI-E 480CP

High Roof Cabin

ATP TRUCKS Truston 4X2 Euro VI-E 480CP

Low Roof Cabin

Truston 4×2 Truck Head

The Truston 4×2 truck head is suitable for the construction segment, as well as for special and general cargo transport.

480 Horse Power

Pillars for big, heavy projects: 480 hp that can handle mega-loads.

Grammer pneumatic driver’s seat

No compromise when it comes to driver comfort. Truston cabs, as you already know, come equipped with the Grammer pneumatic seat by default.

Single bed for Low Roof cabin

The single bed area with memory foam mattress is fitted with curtains. The result is a space where the driver can really relax and rest.

High Roof Cabin with Bunk Beds

If you want to optimise transport times, the High Roof cab provides the solution. A generous interior space for drivers provides the two beds for increased driver comfort.

Organised storage space

In the High Roof cabin, drivers’ luggage and personal belongings can easily be kept in order. The upper area of the cabin is properly partitioned, spacious and adapted to the requirements of a long journey.

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Number 1 worldwide in sales of commercial diesel engines over 6,000 cm³.

Easy access to the semi-trailer coupling area

The coupling area provides additional rear light and accessible and safe working platform.

Pneumatic rear axle adjustment

The ergonomic remote control with intuitive commands facilitates pneumatic adjustment of the rear axle.

Rear suspension air cushions

The rear air suspension ensures easy handling for coupling and uncoupling the semi-trailer and increased ride comfort.

Adjustable Windscreen

Depending on needs, the windscreen is height-adjustable to improve fuel efficiency.

Air intake

The cabin’s exterior design integrates the air intake to ensure proper airflow to the engine.