Why choose ATP TRUCKS?

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Simplicity and efficiency

Robust, reliable, easy to handle and maintain, TRUSTON carries more and helps you complete your projects faster and more efficiently.
Robust suspension
Better suspension, so less suspense – 11 leaf springs at the front and 13 leaf springs at the rear. Because it’s the bows that need to be kept in suspense and not the driver.
Rear axle 16 t, front axle 7.5 t.
Resistant chassis
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Where there are two C-profiles, one 7 mm and one 8 mm, interlocked, the strength of the beam also increases significantly.

State-of-the-art cabin

Comfort at the highest standards: the Truston comes as standard with air-suspended seat, bed with memory foam mattress in the cab, hatch. The centre console is ergonomic and the interior defined by beige, ambient lighting and mahogany inserts propel the Truston cabin to an exclusive top.

Warranty and service

Any intervention during the warranty period will be dealt with within 48 hours without service appointments. We save time because at ATP Group the procedures are simplified in these situations and the builder’s approvals are obtained on the spot. Any technical information is readily available to us because ATP Trucks is both the designer and manufacturer of the truck.
We provide driver training for simple repairs. We have 24/7 service support, therefore we can provide on-site service.

Engine powered by Weichai, the world’s No. 1 seller of commercial diesel engines over 6000 cc.

Low cost maintenance
Through the ATP Group’s national network and its 3 authorised service centres (in Baia Mare, Oradea, Bistrita), the customer has easy access to spare parts and consumables.

We have spare parts in stock; not just consumables as is generally the case. At ATP Group we offer manufacturer prices!

Maintenance costs over 4 years are 30% lower than the market average.

Made in Romania
Truston is made in Romania, collaborating with national suppliers and local workforce so that revenues stay in the country.
Versatile and adaptable
Easy configuration, tailored to customer requirements, depending on the application for which the product is intended (civil engineering, road and bridge construction, quarrying, etc.)

Truck customisation by changing the range
of standard colours/graphics on request.

Assembly and customization of tarpaulin.

Financial solutions

Dedicated financial product:

  • RATE 1.798 euro without VAT (not including CASCO), down payment from 5%;
  • interest rate 3,6%;
  • monthly comission 0;
  • residual value 1%;
  • financial leasing period 60 months

Easiest trade-in system. For the TRUSTON dumper or concrete mixer down payment can be traded in cars or used trucks as well as transport or construction trucks, trailers, semi-trailers or machinery.

ATP Trucks vehicle buy-back scheme: after one year of use, the ATP Motors dealer can take over the financing at the remaining payment level, provided the first year’s instalments are paid up to date. By taking the asset on a pay-as-you-go basis, the customer has no loss or financial cost.

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